What I do

I’m a computer network engineer with many years of hands on experience. I spend most of my time configuring network servers, routers and switches if I’m not studying for my next certification. For some reason, after all of these years, I still get excited when I walk in a data center in a corporate network. I have been working as a Network Administrator, Network Engineer, IT Consultant and Technical Project Manager for last couple of years. I’m currently working as a Senior Network Engineer at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, a major manufacturer of networking products around the world. I hold multiple industry recognized certificates including CCNP, CCNA and MCITP. Please visit my resume page for more information about my background and experience.




I have been always passionate about programming and I have done coding since I was about 12 years old. My first programming language was Basics on a commodore 64 machine. Since then I have moved on somehow with the technology trend and went through FoxPro database development back in 1994 up to the most recent open source platforms. I have developed some commercial applications and I have contributed to some development projects in my previous jobs. For last couple of years I have been doing web application development using open source solutions. Recently I got very interested in SDN (Software Defined Networking), a fusion of my passion for both networking and coding, which opens a whole new world to me. Find more information about my software development experience on my Resume page.




I have always enjoyed data analysis since my early days of database development back in 1990s. I have done various data analysis project during my carrier and most recently worked on a Big Data Analysis project which included planning designing and implementing a Hadoop Big Data analysis cluster at CLU as my final graduate research project. The cluster is designed and implemented using  total of 256 active cores on a gigabit network infrastructure. Cloudera distribution is used to install Hadoop and related ecosystem packages. A major data corpus with more than 34 million customer reviews is analyzed on the cluster as part of the project. Currently the cluster is used by CLU’s faculty and graduate students as Big Data analysis platform. I have been awarded ‘Advisory Council Award’ and ‘Visual Communication Award’ from Festival Of Scholars at California Lutheran University in year 2014 in recognition of my work on Big Data Analysis.





xsmb xsmn kết quả xổ số miền bắc hôm nayCouple of years ago while working on some projects, I got very excited about management field in general and I decided to go for an MBA degree. Coming from an engineering background,  studying MBA at business school was fun and challenging at the same time. Eventually I graduated with honor from Moore School of Business – University Of South Carolina with a Masters Of Business Administration (MBA) in year 2010. I believe that knowledge and skills that I gained through the MBA program have brought new insights in my professional life.